During my time as the Artistic Director of ICN Cultural Production in 2016, I was given the wonderful opportunity to conceptualize and direct a trailer for our upcoming show, Nirwata: A Musical. After a long an arduous process involving more than 30 people in the committee, we managed to produce one of the freshest trailers for an Indonesian student musical in Singapore.
Adapted from the Balinese legend of Jayaprana and Layonsari, Nirwata: A Musical tells the story of a Balinese kingdom whose king is consumed by paranoia after the tragic loss of his wife and children, leaving the kingdom and its people to suffer. Amidst this crisis, the gods do not stay idle, and enact a grand scheme to restore the Balinese Kingdom of Kalianget to its former glory.
Video Production Team Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid, Adrianus Christopher, Joshua Martin, Rico Ardiya, Steven Lee | Music Production Team Eunike Regina Febby, Yohanes Nico Pujianto, Steven Pratama, Jason Limanjaya, Aldi Stefanus
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